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The Gospel Radio Network and our local station WEYY 88.7FM in Tallapoosa, Georgia is a non-profit, non-commercial Christian radio ministry. This simply means that we do not sale any radio time to anyone. All the music and preaching that you will hear is done without charge to anyone. This is where our underwriter/sponsor program comes in.
Our sole purpose is to do the will of God and to glorify Him in our programming and all we do; to broadcast the Gospel in a clear and understandable way and to help the local church pastor, music director and individual Christian to grow in the Lord and to serve Jesus better and to win souls to Christ.
We are solely a “Listener supported Christian radio ministry.” Therefore, we offer our listeners an opportunity to give and support GRN by becoming an “Underwriter/Sponsor.”
What is an “Underwriter/Sponsor? If you are a person that owns your own business or professional service you may give a financial gift to GRN each month to have your business or profession announced over the air periodically. Underwriter/Sponsors are usually business owners that would like to advertise their business or service on Christian radio.
Will you be purchasing a commercial ad on the radio? NO! GRN is not allowed to make regular commercials on the air for anyone, but we are allowed to make spot announcements about our Underwriter/Sponsors and recognize their businesses and give information about that business.
Here’s how it works and here’s what it cost.  We will announce your business as a sponsor of a certain portion of programming before the program starts and/or as the program finishes. For a donation of $6.00 each time we will announce your business or profession one time. Each announcement will be given 30-45 seconds of radio time.
Here is an example. “This portion of programming is being sponsored by Smart Move Realty located in Douglasville, Georgia. For all your real estate needs contact (name of a person or contact) at (phone number). The good folks at Smart Move will give you the best service you’ll find anywhere. So give them a call at (number). You’ll be glad you did.” An announcement similar to this is for a donation of $6.00.
How many times a week will your business be announced?

We currently offer two (2) packages for our Underwriter/Sponsors to choose from:
1. One announcement each day for five days (M-F)= 20ads a month for a donation of: 
$120.00 a month.
2.    Two announcements each day for five days (M-F)= 40ads a month for a donation of:
$240.00 month.
We are praying that God will speak to the hearts of some Christian business people and that they will join us at GRN and become an “Underwriter/Sponsor.” Contact us at: 770-377-4294 or 770-214-1235; Thank you and God bless you is our prayer!    Hope to hear from you soon!

If you would like to become a underwriter please contact us at or call 770-214-1235 or 770-377-4294

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